World-class Men’s Haircuts

For Gentlemen On the Go

If You Keep Walking Past the Barbers, Eventually You’ll Get a Haircut.



Perfect Haircuts

Barbershop sets a new standard for barbershops. Whether you’re looking for a traditional short haircut or a more contemporary men’s hairstyle, we invite you to visit one of our barbers and experience for yourself why V’s is simply a cut above the rest!.

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Barbershop is a boutique franchise opportunity in which you will be treated as we would want to be treated. Barbershop has no designs to conquer the world of men’s barbershops but rather we have aspirations that each location be part of a larger Barbershop’s family. That attention, care, and passion for you are paramount to Barbershop’s corporate philosophy.



Pride in Each Service


A precision Haircut, with consultation, wash and a smooth outline Shave with a Straight Razor followed by a detailed style.


Crown Head Shave with Hot Towel & Straight Razor

Beard Trim

a full beard cleans up with clippers and a lineup with a straight razor, loads of hot lather, and hot towels.

Mustache Trim



Best Barber Experience

At The Barbershop A Hair Salon for Men, we are dedicated to providing the best value. We do this by providing high-quality salon services for men and boys, a unique customer focus, all in a warm, friendly atmosphere.

Trim Your BeardFrom $ 10
Trim Your HairFrom $ 18
Beard TreatmentFrom $ 28
Color Your BeardFrom $ 30
Wax Your FaceFrom $ 05


Highly Qualified Barbers

Our Team of Barbers has one mission with a clear objective. Craft the best haircuts with impeccable service standards, providing the ultimate barbering experience.

Mustache Expert

Kamal is the Co-founder and Co-owner of the barbershop.

Beard Trimmer

Rayan has been in the barber industry for over 10 years.

Hair Specialist

Youness it’s very passionate, and he’s been with us since Last year.

Hair Specialist